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Satellite communications allows creating autonomous corporative networks for the companies that have geographically distributed infrastructure of offices. Modern VSAT technologies offer multifunctional and effective solutions for corporative information transmission.

"Morsviazsputnik" uses the most advanced technologies offered by the world market for creating the projects of satellite corporative networks. Among them is the classical technology of dedicated channels, as well as the latest technologies for broadband access. In contrast to the producers who supply equipment of only their production, Morsviazsputnik offers several solutions with the use of different technologies and platforms.

The choice of technologies is based on customers’ needs and traffic analyses; more over Morsviazsputnik takes into consideration the prospects of customer’s business development. The offered solution may rest on different interconnected and interrelated technologies and the most important fact is that the solution may contain the opportunity of transition from one technology to another. Such approach allows to determinate the most economically sound and effective solution.