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Vessels connection to monitoring system for requirements implementation included in the Rules approved by the decision № 811, issued by the Government of the Russian Federation, dated August 15, 2014

Connection of ships to the monitoring to meet the requirements of the Regulations approved by the Degree of the Russian Federation Government No. 811 dated August 15, 2015 (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) is performed by concluding a standard-form agreement.

Procedure for concluding an agreement:

  1. The standard-form agreement for the connection of ships to the monitoring to meet the requirements of the Government Decree No. 811 is posted at:

    Agreement in Russian for residents

    Bilingual agreement for non-residents

  2. The user shall download the standard-form agreement and enter its reference details into fill-in fields. The user shall form the agreement by built-in technological gaps in such a manner so that all annexes begin on a new page, and print it on paper. The agreement shall be signed on pages 5 and 8, all 8 pages shall be scanned and the scanned copy of the agreement shall be sent to the e-mail address:  (file size shall not be more than 15 MB).

  3. Upon receipt of the scanned copy of the agreement signed, the Russian Centre of Long Range Identification and Tracking (RC LRIT) shall sign it on its part and send to the user the scanned agreement signed by both parties.

  4. The agreement shall be deemed concluded upon receipt of the scanned copy thereof signed by both parties. Having received the agreement signed by both parties, the user shall send by post 2 copies of the original agreement to RC LRIT.

  5. Having received the original agreements, RC LRIT shall sign them on its part and return one copy to the user by post. RC LRIT shall notify the user of sending the agreement by post.

  6. Until the original agreements are exchanged, the scanned copy of the agreement shall have the force of original. If the scanned copy of the agreement signed by both parties is available, all subsequent registration and technical arrangements shall be implemented to connect ships to the monitoring to meet the requirements of the Decree of the Russian Federation Government No. 811.

    Procedure for connecting ships to monitoring

  7. To connect ships to the monitoring the user shall send registration forms to the e-mail address:

    The registration form is available for download in alternate versions at:

    Registration form in Russian for residents.

    Registration form in English for non-residents

  8. Due to the fact that to connect a ship to the monitoring, technical arrangements shall be performed with the ship on-board LRIT equipment, the ship on-board LRIT equipment shall be in operable and technically sound state at the time of submission of the registration form. Otherwise, RC LRIT will be not able to connect the ship to the monitoring.

  9. To be connected to the monitoring, ships should be equipped with the technical control means in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation No. 295 dated 10.08.2020.

  10. INMARSAT ship earth stations installed on non-convention vessels and not connected to LRIT system are subject to pretesting for compliance with the requirements of IMO for LRIT equipment in accordance with MSC.1/Circ.1307 Circular.  The minimum duration of such testing is 30 hours.

  11. After a ship has been connected to the monitoring, RC LRIT notifies the ship owner of connection of the user’s ship to the monitoring specifying the selected rate plan and the date of connection.

  12. When registering the first ship, RC LRIT shall provide the user with access to the ship owner’s personal account through which the user can control and manage the process of service provisioning, make operations of connection and disconnection of ships to the monitoring.

    Notification procedure of rate plan change for already connected ships

  13. For any user whose ships were connected to LRIT system, the agreement provides for two rate plans based on the daily subscription fee and based on the monthly subscription fee. By default (unless marked in the registration form) all ships are connected to the monitoring based on the daily subscription fee. If it is necessary to switch a ship to another rate plan, it is enough to send to the e-mail address: an official letter of shifting the specific ship to the rate plan selected by the user. The user does not need to complete the registrations forms for the ships that were already connected to the monitoring once again.