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Solutions for Crew and Passengers of Vessels and Aircrafts

“Morsviazsputnik” provides the technology for the unified communications, which provides the service of the phone communication (Crew Calling) operating simultaneously in various standards of the satellite communication – Inmarsat III and Inmarsat IV, Iridium, as well as the access to the Internet for the vessels and aircrafts crews.  

The access to the system is provided by a unified short access code - SAC (short access code) and a personal PIN code.

The system presupposes:

  • Cards with the pre-paid traffic volume (crewcalling)
  • Various tariff plans for various groups of users
  • Voice communication
  • Calculations in minutes and seconds
  • Standard duration of the PIN code – 30 minutes
  • Payment for the connection time only
  • Quanta calculation by 20 seconds
  • Notification on the balance in English and Russian
  • Balance replenishment
  • Displaying the statistics on the calls made
  • E-mail and Internet for crew-members
  • The Marsatmail mail server and FlyCarrier program for traffic optimization
  • Internet café based on CISCO or GMN box

We provide our partners and agents with the access to the management interface for the generation and blocking of PIN codes, balance replenishment and statistics generation.

The Inmarsat IV terminals can operate by using the VoIP technology. In this case to transmit the voice one uses the standard transmission channel (background).

The access to the Internet is provided to the crew-members of the vessel on the pre-paid terms by entering the personal PIN code.

Examples of solutions for crew and passengers based on Fleetbroadband Inmarsat