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Shore-to-ship calls

Stay in touch with friends and relatives dispite of the distance; make calls using the Inmarsat terminals to family and friends, from office and home to Inmarsat terminals at the reduced tariffs! 

Calls by PIN Codes are available at the following directions:

  • Inmarsat terminals (Vessel) – City and mobile numbers (Shore)  
  • City and mobile numbers (Shore) - Inmarsat terminals (Vessel)

Advantages of Universal PIN Code

  • PIN code is universal – the subscriber can use it to call in both directions. The crew-member can purchase the PIN code and make calls from the vessel to the shore to friends and relatives; in addition, informing friends and relatives on the 8-figure numeric code he gives them an opportunity to call to the vessel at the reduced tariff in comparison to the operators of the land networks. Charge of the funds will be made from the unified balance of the account of the PIN code.    
  • For shipping companies the calls of the crew-members using the Universal PIN code from Inmarsat terminals installed on vessels will not be tariffed! PIN code is personal and completely pre-paid.      
  • Low cost of the shore-vessel communication in comparison to the operators of the land telephone networks. The offices of the shipping companies can significantly reduce the costs for telephone calls with the vessels on the voyage.               
  • High quality communication via the digital channels. The up-to date equipment is used to conduct the connection on the international communication channels.
  • Availability – simple procedure of purchasing the PIN codes. After paying for the PIN code, the subscriber is provided with the numerical code via the e-mail. The account’s balance is displayed in the monetary equivalent and is announced each time one makes a call.
  • Simplicity of use. The user follows the instructions of the platform announced in Russian or English at one’s option. The language is adjusted in the profile of the PIN code at the subscriber’s option. The user has an opportunity to call to the most popular directions practically to all world countries such as Russia, Ukraine, America, Canada, India, Turkey, etc. depending on the chosen type of the PIN code.

Please, contact Morsviazsputnik commercial department on the issues connected with the Universal PIN Service. – this address is developed specially for the Universal PIN Service  - general address of “Morsviazsputnik” commercial department  - technical support