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Services for Inmarsat-C Users

Inmarsat-С standard provides two-way low-speed information and overhead messages transmission up to 1200 bps in the multi-faceted form of 256 bps on the basis of their accumulation, storage and further transmission.

The Inmarsat-С satellite communication stations (SCS) are small inexpensive terminals, which can be installed on vessels, cars or planes.

Morsviazsputnik provides its own additional services for Inmarsat-C users:


You can send messages to vessels equipped with Inmarsat-C terminals from any PC, laptop or tablet connected to the Internet and SMS messages from your mobile phone.


For your convenience, service interface is designed as the e-mail mail agent.

You will be able:

  •  to write messages Inmarsat-C terminals and get messages from the terminals 
  • to generate a receipt for your balance replenishment
  •  to trace funds inflow on your account.

To get the service one should enter the web-site –


You will be able to send SMS messages from mobile phone connected to any cellular network.

The system notifies on message delivery or non-delivery to the mobile terminal generating the SMS message to the sender.


To get the service one should enter the web-site –


Simple and congratulatory telegrams from the vessels

Our service 730 allows you sending messages to any telegraph branches of the Ministry of Communication of the Russian Federation. The addressee receives the correspondence both on the simple and congratulatory forms. You choose the type of the form on your own.