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Albatross VMC System

VictoriaMapClient (Albatross VMC) is an application-client for the Global Automated System of Vessel Monitoring Victoria (VMS Victoria). It is developed to track the location of vessels in the automated mode, to exchange messages between the vessels, to receive distress signals from the specially developed onboard equipment designed for installation on technical fleet vessels and to distribute the Inmarsat FleetNet broadcast messages to the groups of vessels. The product is designed for commercial distribution and is an alternative and simultaneously additional tool for tracking the vessels’ location connected to VMS Victoria.  The monitoring is suitable for the vessels with the Inmarsat C, Inmarsat D+ and Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminals. 

  • monitoring of the unlimited number of vessels
  • vessels tracks for any time period (limited by the time/performance of the computer + server)
  • detailed tracks with the information on the average speed and distance to the ports
  • printing of the tracks and chosen part of the map
  • information on the vessels voyage in table
  • a great number of statistic data in table + graphics
  • searching at the map both the objects and settlements, ports, etc., distance measurement, managing the map layers
  • sending the commands to terminals, their programming, and possibility of sending text messages to Inmarsat C and Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminals, group polling
  • possibility of using own maps + generating own maps (User Map Editor)
  • flexible adjustment of the user interface
  • working with areas (geographical) – preliminary installed on the server or created by the user. Entrance-exit control from the areas, a number of vessels in the area, etc.  
  • auto-updating of the program
  • xpanded information on the vessel + organizer
  • processing the Distress-signals
  • supporting the work of the most working stations on behalf of one account
  • vessels location on-line on the Google maps

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