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LBS/SBD Portal

 «Morsvyazsputnik» became the first Russian partner of Iridium Satellite LLC – a worldwide mobile satellite communication operator – which received the Certificate of Compliance of its LBS/SBD services portal with premium class requirements.

At present, «Morsvyazsputnik» provides its users with all necessary support for M2M services deployment in the applications for SBD/LBS equipment in Iridium network. 

lbs portal

The main feature of M2M equipment is that it is purchased not as a complete solution but as a tool for development of user’s final application, which requires significant efforts of developers, integrators and users for M2M project implementation.  

Infrastructure of LBS/SBD services distribution on the territory of the Russian Federation and worldwide, developed by «Morsvyazsputnik», allows the developers simplifying substantially the process of M2M projects implementation with the use of SBD Iridium equipment that saves time, expenses and labor efforts of the specialists.

LBS/SBD GIS portal constitutes only a part of the developed infrastructure – it is a tool for task solution of LBS/SBD devices simple monitoring and text messages exchange.

More complicated tasks of LBS/SBD devices use in ecology, security, monitoring of range of sensors, meteorology, oil and gas industry, aviation and other applications require development of a specialized information system.

Development of own information system, with coordinated interface and functions, will become one of the major requirements of customers. In this case, the developed infrastructure of LBS/SBD services developers support simplifies substantially the M2M project implementation.

lbs portal

Hub site

«Morsvyazsputnik» hub site provides a possibility to connect your service server directly to SBD Iridium gateway, without spending significant efforts, expenses and time for communication link arranging and Iridium gateway cooperation procedures coordination.

lbs portal«Morsvyazsputnik» hub site is the access point to Iridium-SBD network. Partners don’t need to develop their own VPN channel to Iridium gateway. «Morsvyazsputnik» has developed a range of services that allow choosing the M2M project technical implementation taking into account your capabilities and the problem to be solved. In view of this three services have been developed:

  • IP-redirect
  • HTTPs
  • GIS portal (premium class)

IP-redirect service

The Partner implements on its server the complete functionality of DirectIP protocol – the standard protocol of data exchange with the SBD gateway. «Morsvyazsputnik» ensures channel connection from the Partner server to Iridium gateway as well as COPM requirements performance. If necessary, the Partner can require VPN connection from the  «Morsvyazsputnik» hub site to its own gateway.   

HTTPs service

The Partner’s server cooperates with the hub site by HTTPs protocol. The Partner has no need to execute DirectIP protocol complete functionality on its server. The server creates SBD (payload) messages to be sent and receives SBD messages from «Morsvyazsputnik» server. «Morsvyazsputnik» ensures LEES requirements execution.

GIS portal

All LBS/SBD devices of the Partner operate through «Morsvyazsputnik» portal. The Partner has no need to execute DirectIP protocol and develop its own GIS application. It will be enough to provide information on the Partner’s web-site and give a readdressing reference to «Morsvyazsputnik» GIS server for clients. «Morsvyazsputnik» ensures LEES requirements execution.


IP-redirect and HTTPs services stand for the Partners who have their own IT-managers on their staff. The Partner implements the SBD messages parser, depending on the type of used SBD equipment. GIS portal services allows providing the services to clients at once, but it is necessary to coordinate the type of used equipment with«Morsvyazsputnik». Additional modifications of GIS portal parser may be required. Service integrity will be limited by GIS portal possibilities.

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