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Iridium SBD

Iridium SBD is a simple and efficient network transport capability for transmitting short data messages between equipment and centralized host computer systems. It is integrated by Iridium’s Value Added Resellers into vertical market applications in industries such as Oil & Gas, Rail, Maritime, Aeronautical, Utilities and Government.

Principals of operation

The elements of the Iridium end-to-end SBD architecture are the Field Application (FA), the Iridium Subscriber Unit (ISU), the Iridium satellite constellation, the Gateway SBD Subsystem (GSS) located at the Iridium gateway, the Internet, and the Vendor Application (VA.) The interface between the FA and the ISU is a serial connection with extended proprietary AT commands. The interface is used to load and retrieve messages between the ISU and the Field Application.

Remote Applications send Mobile Originated SBD (MO-SBD) messages from an Iridium 9522 L-Band Transceiver (LBT). The application microcontroller or microprocessor communicates with the LBT via AT commands over an RS232 connection. The application loads the message into the LBT and instructs it to send the message, which traverses the Iridium satellite network via inter-satellite links to reach the Iridium Gateway. From there, the message is transferred to the Internet and onto a Value Added Reseller’s host computer system where it is stored in a database for further data processing.

Mobile Terminated SBD (MT-SBD) messages are sent to the Iridium Gateway via the Internet from the Value Added Reseller’s host computer system.

The maximum length of a MO-SBD message is 1960 bytes. The maximum length of a MT-SBD message is 1890 bytes. Global network transmit latency for message delivery ranges from 5 seconds for messages of 70 bytes to approximately 20 seconds for maximum length messages. (AdditionallatencymayoccuracrosstheInternet.)

Iridium 9602 SBD transceiver

iridium sbd

The Iridium 9602 SBD transceiver, designed to be integrated into a wireless data application with other host system hardware and software, provides a complete solution for a specific application or vertical market. The Iridium 9602 is ideal for M2M solutions, including tracking of maritime vessels, equipment monitoring, and automatic vehicle location.

Principals of operation

The Iridium 9602 is a single-board transceiver provided as a ‘black box’ transceiver module. All device interfaces are provided by a single multi-pin interface connector, in addition to the antenna connector. Only the core transceiver is provided with the Iridium 9602. All other end user Field Application functions such as GPS, microprocessor based logic control, digital and analog inputs, digital and analog outputs power supply and antenna must be provided by the solution developer.

The device interface across the user connector consists of a serial-data interface, DC power input, network available output and a power on/off control line. The Iridium 9602 does not incorporate, nor require, a Subscriber Identity Module (also known as a SIM Card) to be inserted into the Transceiver. The Iridium 9602 is intended to be used as a transceiver module fitted within another host system.

Technical specifications

  • Singleboard transceiver
  • Small form factor
  • No SIM card
  • Designed to be incorporated into an OEM solution
  • RoHS compliant

Mechanical Dimensions

  • Length 41.0 mm
  • Width 45.0 mm
  • Depth 13.0 mm
  • Weight 30 g

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature Range -40ºC to + 85ºC
  • OperatingHumidityRange 75% RH
  • Storage Temperature Range -40ºC to + 85ºC
  • StorageHumidityRange 93% RH

RF Parameters

  • FrequencyRange 1616 MHzto 1626.5 MHz
  • Duplexing Method TDD (Time Domain Duplex)
  • Input/OutputImpedance 50
  • MultiplexingMethod TDMA/FDMA

DC Power Input

  • Idle Current (average) 45mA
  • Idle Current (peak) 195mA
  • Transmit Current (peak) 1.5A
  • Transmit Current (average) 190mA
  • Receive Current (peak) 195mA
  • Receive Current (average) 45mA
  • SBD message transfer – average current 190mA
  • SBD message transfer – average power 1.0W

Tranciver Iridium 9603N

iridium sbd

One-fourth the volume and half the footprint of the Iridium 9602, the innovative Iridium 9603 transceiver combines the global coverage of the Iridium satellite constellation with the low latency of the Iridium Short Burst Data Service to provide highly reliable satellite communications from pole to pole.

With the smallest form factor of any commercial satellite transceiver available today, the Iridium 9603 is ideal for space-constrained applications including monitoring, tracking and alarm systems. It is also highly affordable, costing just slightly more than the previous-generation Iridium 9602.

Delivering two-way communications on a remarkable scale, the Iridium 9603 transceiver further expands the Iridium connected user base worldwide.

Principals of operation

A single-board, Iridium-built core transceiver, the Iridium Connected 9603 transceiver comes in ‘black box’ format. All device interfaces are provided through a single multi-pin interface connector and antenna connector, with additional end-user field application functions (GPS, microprocessor-based logic control, digital and analog inputs and outputs, power supply and antenna) provided by the solution developer.

Technical specifications

  • Pole-to-pole global coverage
  • Single-board transceiver
  • Very small form factor offers unmatched flexibility
  • Single header connectorfor:
    • Power
    • On/offcontrol
    • Logicallevelasynchronous UART control
    • Networkavailability
  • Simple AT commandinterface
  • No SIM card
  • Designed to be incorporated into an OEM solution
  • Automatic notification to the transceiver that a mobile-terminated message is queued at the gateway


  • Length 31.5 mm
  • Width 29.6 mm
  • Depth 8.1 mm
  • Weight 11.4 g


  • Operating temperature range -30ºC to +70ºC
  • Operating humidity range ≤ 75% RH
  • Storage temperature range -40ºC to +85ºC
  • Storage humidity range ≤ 93 % RH

RF Parameters

  • Frequen cyrange 1616 MHzto 1626.5 MHz
  • Duplexing method TDD (Time Domain Duplex)
  • Input/output impedance 50
  • Multiplexing method TDMA/FDMA
  • VSWR return loss 3:1 from 1.2 GHz to 2 GHz

DC Power Input

  • Supply input voltage range 5.0V +/- .2V DC
  • Supply input voltage ripple <40mV pp
  • Idle current (average*) 45 mA
  • Idle current (peak) 195 mA
  • Transmit current (peak) 1.5 A
  • Transmit current (average*) 190 mA
  • Receive current (peak) 195 mA
  • Receive current (average*) 45 mA
  • SBD message transfer - average current* 190 mA
  • SBD message transfer - average power* <= 1.0 W 

Tranciver Iridium 9523

iridium sbd

Iridium Core 9523 is Iridium's smallest, lightest and most advanced voice and data satellite transceiver module ever, enabling simplified global voice and data connectivity through the world's furthest reaching network.

Over 90% more compact than our previous model and featuring standardized connectors, it easily integrates into new partner products to reach previously under-served consumer and vertical markets - and drive global communications in ways never thought possible.


Principals of operation

New possibilities

From single or multi channel communication platforms for maritime, aviation and land mobile markets to highly capable, feature-enhanced handheld smart devices and unattended sensors, the Iridium Core 9523 module delivers cost effective satellite voice and data communications.

Powerful capability

Iridium Core 9523 supports all Iridium voice and data services. It delivers the capability needed to develop innovative communications devices, and the technology backbone for applications such as GPS and location-based services, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Simplified integration

Iridium Core 9523 features standardized connectors, simplified PCB integration and ultra compact form factor. Partners can easily mount Iridium Core 9523 directly onto their application board - enabling optimization through shared components and power sources.

Technical specifications

  • Pole-to-poleglobal coverage
  • Ultracompact formfactor
  • Single-board transceiver
  • Standardized connectors
  •  Voice, Circuit Switched Data and RUDICS
  • ShortBurstData (SBD) capable
  • Direct PCB integration
  • FCC, Industry Canada, and CE approval


  •  Iridium Voice, SMS, Circuit Switched Data and RUDICS
  • Maximum mobile originated SBD message size 1960
  • Maximum mobile terminated SBD message size 1890


  •  Length 70.44 mm
  • Width 36.04 mm
  • Height 14.6 mm (reservoir capacitors) 8.9 mm (screen can)
  •  Weight 32g


  • Operating Temp. -30ºC to + 70ºC 
  • Operating Humidity ≤ 75% RH     
  • Storage Temp. -40ºC to + 85ºC 
  • Storage Humidity ≤ 93 % RH   

RF Parameters

  • FrequencyRange 1616 MHzto 1626.5 MHz 
  • Duplexing Method TDD (Time Domain Duplex) 
  • Input/OutputImpedance 50 Ω 
  • MultiplexingMethod TDMA/FDMA 

DC Power Input
VBAT Power Input Specifications

  •  Nominal Voltage +3.7 V 
  • Voltage Limits +3.2 V to +6 V 
  •  Maximal Current 500 mA 

VBAT Typical Current at Nominal +3.7 V

  • Standby Current 70 mA 
  •  Peak Current during Call 300 mA 
  • Average Current during Call 110 mA 

VBOOST PowerInput

  • Nominal Voltage +27 V 
  • Absolute Maximal Voltage +35 V 
  • Maximal Recommended Voltage +32 V 
  •  Minimal Voltage during Call Transmit Burst +10.5 V 
  • MaximalCurrent 1 A   

VBOOST PowerConsumption  

  • Typical Average Power during Call 2.3 W 
  • Maximal Average Power during Call 3.1 W

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