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A low-cost, fixed-line global satellite phone service for people based in rural or remote areas outside of cellular coverage.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, you can set up IsatPhone Link within minutes to provide crystal-clear and reliable telephone calling.

Reliable connection

Connects over the Inmarsat-4 geostationary satellites, offering 99.9 per cent network availability.

Clear voice quality

Dependable, high-quality voice telephony comparable with GSM mobile cellular phones.

Global coverage

IsatPhone Link works worldwide, except for the poles, so there are no roaming charges – wherever you make your call.

PABX integration

IsatPhone Link can function as a PABX switchboard to connect up to five corded, cordless or DECT phones.

Robust for outdoors

Designed for indoor and outdoor use. The antenna is dust and rainproof, and the interior unit can be desk-mounted or bolted securely to a wall.

Easy to set-up

Compact terminals are easy to transport to remote locations. Can be set-up within minutes, with no technical expertise needed.

Flexible pricing

Choose from pre-paid and post-pay options, ranging from one to 12-month contracts, or pre-paid vouchers valid for 24 months. On-demand airtime packages also available for one-off events.

General applications

  • GPS location data look-up-and-send
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Fixed line communications
  • Internet access
  • Short message email
  • Telephony

Bespoke applications

  • Social and welfare communications
  • Temporary field office communications


Terra 800

Terra 800 is an all-in-one communications terminal, designed to use in a wide variety of land-based applications, either as a dedicated telephone service or a back-up emergency system deployable anywhere in the world.

Terra 400


The Terra 400 from Beam Communications is a slimline terminal purposely designed for use in fixed site, emergency service applications where permanent reliable communications services are required. Connect up to five phones or integrate with PABX.

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