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Registration of foreign Inmarsat L-band terminals in visiting mode

Dear clients and partners!

Hereby we notify you of the following: in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation in the field of communications, «Morsviazsputnik» (Russian licensed operator of the mobile satellite communications INMARSAT) provides operation of the interface node with the INMARSAT network to enable control over the voice communication and packet data transmission in broadband INMARSAT network (INMARSAT BGAN, SBB) from the territory of the Russian Federation.

By the commissioning of the interface node, access to INMARSAT BGAN, SBB services is restricted for all SIM-cards not registered in FSUE «Morsviazsputnik».

The Russian legislative regulation refers to the INMARSAT terminals operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, aboard marine vessels under the flag of the Russian Federation, terminals operating in the airspace of the Russian Federation and installed aboard foreign aircrafts.

INMARSAT terminals, installed aboard the Russian aircrafts, must have SIM-cards issued by«Morsviazsputnik» according to the agreement with subscriber for the satellite communication services.

INMARSAT terminals, installed aboard foreign aircrafts and operating in the airspace of the Russian Federation, can use the «visiting» mode access to the INMARSAT network services in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Use of INMARSAT terminals installed aboard foreign aircrafts under registration numbers or SIM-cards of foreign operators (service providers) is acceptable under condition of annual re-registration in  «Morsviazsputnik» database. BGAN terminals are registered once for a term of 6 months.

In order to use INMARSAT terminals from the territory of the Russian Federation in the «visiting» mode the Inmarsat subscribers must submit a request to «Morsviazsputnik» via e-form  or via e-mail to the -helpdesk team  (24/7), fax +7 495 7953216 with information in accordance with the Annex to this information letter.

Registration of the «visiting» terminals is performed by «Morsviazsputnik» free of charge, within 3 workdays after the subscriber request. 


  1. Name  (brand name) of the legal entity, its location,
  2. Last name, first name, address and particulars of the primary identification document (for individuals)
  3. Type (model), serial number of terminal.
  4. SIM-card number, registration number (IMSI and MSISDN) and Tail number (for SBB only)
  5. Date of first crossing the airspace borders of the Russian Federation;