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Registration and accounting services of mobile satellite communication

According to the International Telecommunication Convention and ITU Radio Regulations accounting authority (AA) should be determined and assigned for each ship, operating in A2, A3 areas, and each Inmarsat satellite station. Accounting authority provides services connected with collection of communication services payments from clients and transfer of these funds into the accounts of communication service providers which functions are performed by land stations of maritime mobile service and INMARSAT land earth stations.

Morsviazsputnik is the international accounting authority with the code SU-04, assigned by International Telecommunication Union.

The Enterprise settles accounts for INMARSAT radio and satellite communication for the Russian companies-ship owners and satellite terminals as settlement center on the basis of sub-items 252, 256 of the chapter 6 «Radio regulations of maritime mobile service and maritime satellite mobile service of the Russian Federation», approved by the order of the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Communications and State Committee on Fishery of the Russian Federation d/d 11/4/2000 No. 137/190/291, registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation d/d 12/21/2000 No. 2503, and also by the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 88 d/d 2/1/2000.

«Morsviazsputnik» is the operator of INMARSAT mobile satellite communication system in the territory of the Russian Federation according to the license for provision of communication services according to the item 1.3 of «Regulation on the procedure for registration and control of use (operation) in the territory of the Russian Federation of user earth satellite communication terminals of the INMARSAT mobile satellite communication system No. 27/2 d/d 5/26/2003» and obligation to register INMARSAT user earth terminals in the INMARSAT mobile satellite communication system (incl. assignment of identification numbers), owned by individuals and legal entities on the basis of the item 1.9 of the same Regulation.

«Morsviazsputnik» as accounting authority SU04 has worked in the world market for more than 20 years and it has been recognized as a financial settlements center by many foreign Communication boards. It enables to settle accounts for radio and satellite communication services not only for the Russian ships, but also for ships under foreign flags.

The enterprise uses a certificated settlement system in which process of processing and issue of invoices, the control of accounts settlement and tracking of clients financial position is automated.