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Real-time vessel monitoring system "Victoria"

Vessel Monitoring System VICTORIA is designed for automated monitoring and tracking of watercrafts on the basis of facilities of maritime mobile satellite communication Inmarsat-C and Inmarsat D+ with the use of advanced Internet-based technologies.

VMS «Victoria» allows:

  • Automatically track watercrafts equipped with the terminals Inmarsat-C or Inmarsat D+ in online mode without involvement of an operator and submit this information with the reference to electronic cards to remote users through WEB;
  • Exchange text messages between remote users and watercrafts through the channels of Inmarsat-C or conventional messages with Inmarsat D+ terminals;
  • Distribute broadcasting multiple-address messages to watercrafts  (EGC – Fleet Net);
  • Automatically receive signals from Ship Security Alert System (SSAS), identify watercrafts, display the point of signaling on the electronic map and automatically distribute SSAS messages with additional information on a watercraft to the assigned addresses (ship owners, rescue coordination centers); 
  • The system contains full database on watercrafts (synchronized with the data of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register), restricted navigation areas, rescue coordination centers, areas of responsibility of these centers. Automatic monitoring of compliance with permitted navigation areas by watercrafts in accordance with their classes is performed. Notifications on possible violations are automatically sent to supervisory authorities;  
  • To trace navigation history of a watercraft for a specified period of time;
  • To grant temporary limited access to the system with guest passwords for tracking of a ship navigation by consignors, consignees, freighters and insurers;

VMS Victoria is available at the web-site There are Russian and English versions.

Regulative documents and registration forms:

Agreement for monitoring in VMS Victoria

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