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Our projects

 Morsviazsputnik participation  in implementation of the second stage of Sakhalin 1 project of Exxon Mobil.

In 2010, within the terms of this project, Morsviazsputnik concluded a contract with Worley Parsons ( “Sakhnephtegas Engineering” LLC) on provision of consulting services when creating telecommunications systems on offshore drilling platform in the area of Arkutun-Dagi site installed in the shelf area of the Russian Federation.  Find more

Within the Program of increasing traffic safety of OJSC "Russian Railways" FSUE "Morsviazsputnik" was directly involved in equipping structural subdivisions of OJSC "Russian Railways" with the following equipment:

  • Videoconferencing equipment for situational centers of railways (video codec)

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In December 2015, FSUE "Morsviazsputnik" and JSC "Caesar Satellite", the leader of the Russian market of security services, signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of personal search and rescue.
 In the framework of cooperation, the International Coordination and Computing Center (ICCC) COSPAS-SARSAT of FSUE "Morsviazsputnik" provides services for the registration of personal emergency locator transmitters (PELT), installed in the clock of BreitlingEmergency II brand, and provides information about distress signals transmitted by PELT "Emergency" through COSPAS-SARSAT system. Find more