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Program for increasing traffic safety of OJSC "Russian Railways"

Within the Program of increasing traffic safety of OJSC "Russian Railways" Morsviazsputnik was directly involved in equipping structural subdivisions of OJSC "Russian Railways" with the following equipment:
  •  Videoconferencing equipment for situational centers of railways (video codec);
  •  Mobile satellite communications complex MSCC to equip emergency meetings. This complex fulfills the functions of satellite complex and is intended for organization of telephony, data transmission, access to Internet and resources of dedicated network of OJSC "Russian Railways" via satellite communication channels of Inmarsat system in railways territory;
  •  Applied mobile complex of videoconferencing AMC_VC. The complex serves as the mobile satellite videoconferencing complex of JSC "Russian Railways";
  • Morsviazsputnik developed and put into mass production Marsat Portable Videoconferencing Complex (PVCC) and transportation case for MSCC Mobile satellite communications complex to be used in the composition of the mentioned complexes.

Currently, complexes are successfully used for the organization of videoconferencing sessions (VC), telephony, data transmission, access to Internet and dedicated network resources of OJSC "Russian Railways" though satellite communication channels from the places of remediation activities, have the opportunity to connect to the portable telemedicine complexes of OJSC "Russian Railways".

Morsviazsputnik took an active part in the program of OJSC "FPK" for equipping passenger trains with safety control and communication system.
Currently, Morsviazsputnik renders Inmarsat and Iridium communication services for the above complexes.


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