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Sakhalin 1 project

The second significant project is the participation of Morsviazsputnik in implementation of the second stage of Sakhalin 1 project of Exxon Mobil.

In 2010, within the terms of this project, Morsviazsputnik concluded a contract with Worley Parsons ( “Sakhnephtegas Engineering” LLC) on provision of consulting services when creating telecommunications systems on offshore drilling platform in the area of Arkutun-Dagi site installed in the shelf area of the Russian Federation.

For 7 working months our Company has prepared and provided to the customer:

  • data on regulatory framework in the communication field that is effective in the Russian Federation and procedure of its implementation during the project implementation;
  •  suggestions for certification procedures of imported telecommunication equipment;
  • data on availability of effective certificates and declarations of compliance concerning equipment;
  • procedures of import execution for radio-electronic equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation ;
  •  the general procedure of obtainment of approval documents for radio systems intended for use on a platform, means of communication and navigation, particularly, obtainment of approval documents for each certain system;
  • suggestions for distribution of responsibility between participants of above mentioned processes;
  • existing risks which could arise during implementation period of planned works;
  • time evaluation and workflow process.