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Project "Mobile complexes of VSAT satellite communication in Ku-Band for the equipment of "recovery" trains of OJSC "Russian Railways".

During the period from 2012 to 2014, Morsviazsputnik implemented a project of network creation, that included supply, installation and configuration of the central earth station and 133 mobile satellite communications complexes VSAT FlyAway produced by Cobham plc and DriveAway by C-COM company to equip "recovery" trains of OJSC “Russian Railways”.

Within the framework of implementation of the three-year contract, the central station in the technological center of Russian Railways "Barybino" controlling the operation of subscriber stations and fulfilling the functions of a gateway was designed and put into operation. The structure of the Central Earth Station includes an antenna post with RF equipment and channel-forming equipment (HUB). The central network station is equipped with an antenna of Ku-band system with a diameter of 4.9 m, produced by ASC Signal (USA).

The satellite network is based on the satellite technology ISTAR UHP TDM / TDMA, with IP transport protocol and dynamic access to a common network resource.

The network is intended for data transmission between the central station and user terminal, including real-time applications (video conferencing, telephony etc.).

Satellite resource of capacity in the volume of 4.5 MHz is leased from the satellite operator OJSC "Gazprom Space Systems". The services are provided through the spacecraft "Yamal-300K" at the orbital position 90°E. It is equipped with a combined payload, including 8 transponders at 72 MHz of standard C-band and 18 transponders at 72 MHz of standard Ku-band.

Stations of satellite communications VSAT FlyAway and DriveAway are included into the complex, delivered in the interest of OJSC "Russian Railways"  within the investment program "Equipment of infrastructure of OJSC "Russian Railways" with telecommunications systems", in which Morsviazsputnik is defined as the provider under satellite telecommunications projects.

Special automated work places for emergency physicians, which are part of the portable mobile telemedicine complex allowing to ensure communication with the central and regional medical institutions of OJSC "Russian Railways" for receiving expert advice in the provision of medical assistance to the injured, were created at recovery trains.

Special helmets are used for remote transmission of audio- and video information through the video conferencing system from a place of accident. Special helmet with a video camera, put on by a master of recovery trains, allows to direct a "look" of a specialist located hundreds of kilometers away from the place of accident, in the right direction, to the desired object. This equipment allows to transmit video reports and information from the place of accident to the situational centers of OJSC "Russian Railways" in real time to maximize the operational coordination of the progress of the rescue and recovery operations.

This project increased the mobility of recovery trains, efficiency of their actions at the liquidation of the accidents consequences.


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