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Morsviazsputnik offers new digital technology for inland waterways

On May 31, 2018 Morsviazsputnik together with the Federal Budgetary Company “The Administration of Yeniseyrechtrans”, representatives of Inmarsat Global Ltd., United Kingdom, and Cobham SATCOM, Denmark, conducted trials of modern digital satellite communication equipment that should ensure the transfer of technological communication to digital standards on the Yenisey river basin. The trial was attended by the Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport Yuriy A. Kostin.  

The trial set up consisted of the end user equipment, mobile satellite communication channels of the Inmarsat Fleet One service, the Russian satellite access station for Inmarsat-4 L band – Marsat 4 as well as GSM channels - LTE and 3G standards. The equipment was installed on two vessels: “Volna” and “Plotovod-709”, as well as in the Radio Bureau of The Administration of Yeniseyrechtrans in Krasnoyarsk.  

During the trials that were conducted between the city of Krasnoyarsk and the town of Divnogorsk, approximately 40 km length, successful results were received for the group broadcasting service for both radio communication and data transfer, for the transfer of navigational, meteorological information as well as electronic navigational chart corrections-updates in real time. It should be noted as well that the Inmarsat Fleet One terminal can be used for transferring telematic data from different systems installed on board, like data from the fuel consumption sensors.

One of the goals of these trials was to achieve the shortwave (HF) communication channel redundancy on the Yenisey river basin as well as in line with the requirement to transfer the HF radio center of the Administration of Yeniseyrechtrans from the residential development site to the new location in city of Krasnoyarsk.

The General director of Morsviazsputnik Andrey Kuropyatnikov noted that the new Inmarsat Fleet One service provides digital satellite communications and has been approved on the 99 session (16-25 May 2018) of the Maritime Safety Committee of IMO as the GMDSS service. This development will allow to technologically align the sea and river radiocommunication service standards.


Upon the successful results of the conducted trials the General Director of Morsviazsputnik Andrey Kuropyatnikov and President of the Maritime business unit of Inmarsat Global Limited Ronald Spithout have signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the joint activity in the interest of equipping the vessels on  inland  waterways with modern digital satellite communications means

On June 1st 2018 the Deputy Head of  the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport Yuriy A. Kostin has presided over a meeting at the Administration of Yeniseyrechtrans where he summed up the results of the trials of modern digital means of satellite communications on inland waterways and noted that the trials proved to be successful and the need for the implementation and transition to the deployment of digital means of mobile satellite communications on inland waterways established.