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Morsviazsputnik privacy policy

Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Morsviazsputnik” (hereinafter referred to as the Enterprise) as the Russian operator of Inmarsat mobile satellite communication system in the territory of the Russian Federation carries out all necessary measures related to the protection of personal information in accordance with the international standards and legislation of the Russian Federation.

The regulatory and administrative documents in the field of protection of confidential information developed by the Enterprise cover all elements of protection of the personal information provided by “Morsviazsputnik” subscribers/customers.

Personal information is provided by the Enterprise subscribers/customers on a voluntary basis and may be changed (updated, supplemented, deleted) at their request.

As the user of Morsviazsputnik” official website the user/customer provides the Enterprise with his private information and gives entire and unconditional consent to its treatment including cross-border transfer for the limited purpose of this privacy policy.

“Morsviazsputnik” shall not provide third parties with the confidential information on the personal data of subscribers/customers obtained in the course of its activities except in cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and use this information solely for the benefit of the Enterprise subscribers/customers.

Personal data can be transferred by “Morsviazsputnik” to other communications service providers, partner organizations in order to render communication services, make payments using bank (charge) cards, improve the quality of subscriber/customer service exclusively in accordance with the procedure specified in the relevant rules and regulations.

Information on the personal data can be transferred by “Morsviazsputnik” to the taxation, law enforcement and other government authorities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Personal data can be processed by “Morsviazsputnik” in the following ways:

  • combined processing;
  •  via internal network; via Internet; systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, transfer, blocking, deletion;
  • cross-border transfer.

Information protection is one of the main goals of “Morsviazsputnik”. “Morsviazsputnik” constantly improves organization and technical measures to protect the personal data of subscribers/customers for the purpose to prevent an unauthorized access, unconditioned disclosure of personal data to third parties, improper use of the personal data of subscribers/customers and other illegal acts of third parties.

* “Morsviazsputnik” reserves the right to amend and supplement this Privacy Policy. The new version of the Privacy Policy of “Morsviazsputnik” in the field of personal data protection enters into force as of the date of its posting on “Morsviazsputnik” official website. In order to change, add or delete his personal data the subscriber/customer may use the contact information (phone, mail address) specified on “Morsviazsputnik” official website.