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The Arctic submarine fiber optic cable laying to commence in May – June

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

20 of April /TASS / The deep-water cable laying process within the construction of a transarctic submarine fiber optic cable line from Murmansk to Vladivostok along the North Sea Route will commence at the end of May – beginning of June, as stated by the deputy head of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Aleksander Poshivai on a press conference at TASS.


The aim of this conference is to announce the start of deep-water cable laying of the cable line which will begin at the end of May – beginning of June this year. This project is critical for the digitalization of the North Sea Route, the Arctic region, and at the moment we are considering creating a project called “The Great NSR” which may link Saint Petersburg with Vladivostok”, – he said.


As stated by the general director of the “Perspective technologies agency” (the main contracting organization of the project) Alexey Strelchenko, it is estimated that the construction will end in 2026. The capacity of the cable is estimated at 100 Tbt/sec.


This cable line will bring high speed connectivity and data transfer to the port infrastructure of the Arctic, on the NSR and in FEFD (Far Eastern Federal District), thus enabling the digitalization of the water transport industry”, - Poshivai said.


According to his words, the total length of the cable line that earned the name “Polar Express”, will be 12 650 km. He also added that the cable line will be constructed along the geographically shortest route from Europe to Asia.


9 vessels will be engaged in the cable laying process. The cable capable of enduring temperatures from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees will be buried 1,5 meters into the seabed. 150 optic repeaters will be installed along the cable line.


The head of “Rosmorport” Aleksander Smirnov noted that the cargo turnover of 18 Arctic ports in 2020 came to 966 mln. tons, whereas the turnover of 22 ports in the Far East of Russia came to 223 mln. tons. The numbers are planned to increase by 44 mln. tons each year and by more than 100 mln. tons for the Far Eastern ports. “The operation of these ports requires a stable and reliable data connection”, - he said stressing the fact that satellite communication cannot provide such connectivity. As noted by Andrey Kuropyatnikov, the general director of “Morsviazsputnik”, it is possible to engage foreign partners in projects connecting the cable line from Teriberka to Europe and from Vladivostok to Asia. He added that the “Polar Express” project is fully funded.  


The project for the construction of the Transarctic submarine fiber optic cable line (FOCL) Murmansk - Vladivostok was announced at the “Transport of Russia” exhibition in November of 2020. The project is being implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, Rosmorrechflot and FSUE Rosmorport and FSUE Morsviazsputnik.


Press-conference video recording is available in the Russian language only.