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Introduction of Inmarsat-C monthly network access fee

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Dear Inmarsat-C Customers!

Morsviazsputnik would like to inform you that Inmarsat Global Limited announced the introduction of a monthly network access fee for each registered Inmarsat–C terminal. This monthly fee will enable Inmarsat Global to maintain the high-level of network reliability, resilience and quality that you have become accustomed and to further develop the satellite group. A monthly network access fee will be charged from each registered Inmarsat–C terminal.

Taking into account the changes introduced by Inmarsat Global Limited, Morsviazsputnik, being an Accounting Authority with the code SU04, PSA 1510, Land Earth Station Operator of LESes Nudol and Nadodka, would like to inform you on the following:

1. As of July 01.2020 Morsviazsputnik will impose a monthly network access fee in the amount of 24 US dollars (including VAT) for each Inmarsat-C terminal.

2. As of July 01.2020, invoices will be issued for all Inmarsat-C terminals registered by Morsviazsputnik as a Point of Service Activation (PSA 1510).

3. Subsequent Inmarsat-C terminals registration will be carried out on the basis of the provided updated application form (SARF form) available on the official website in the section "For our customers".

4. The price for Inmarsat-C communication services, as well as activation conditions remain unchanged.

In order to optimize the Inmarsat-C accounts activated in the network it is necessary to update the information on Inmarsat-C terminals contracted with Morsviazsputnik for communication and accounting services not later than June 15, 2020.

We kindly ask you to contact your economist in Morsviazsputnik for further maintenance contracts for communication and accounting services and updating the information on your Inmarsat-C terminal.

Should you have any questions regarding payments for Inmarsat-C network access services, please do not hesitate to contact Morsviazsputnik commercial department via email: or telephone: +7-495-9671850.

Please contact if you need to activate Inmarsat-C terminal or have questions on the choice of LES operator.  

Official notification on the introduction of a monthly network access fee for each registered Inmarsat–C terminal under foreign flags