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Russian barks "Krusenstern," Sedov "and training frigate" Pallada "passed a distance equal to the length of the equator.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Russian barks "Krusenstern", "Sedov" and the training frigate "Pallada" participating in the round-the-world sailing “Sail of the World 2020" passed a distance equal to the length of the equator. We would like you to remind that the unique round-the-world expedition of three Russian sailing boats is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Antarctica discovery and the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The frigate "Pallada" began sailing on November 1 from Vladivostok, "Sedov" and "Cruzenstern" came from Kaliningrad on December 8. "Sedov" and "Pallada" should carry out round-the-world navigation, and "Krusenstern" - transatlantic crossing.

In February 2020, three vessels will meet in the South Atlantic (South Georgia Islands area), between the ports of Ushuaya (Argentina) and Cape Town (South Africa), where they will perform a 200-mile sailing regatta, which other vessels and yachts can join.

To ensure the safety of navigation the vessels were equipped with the following satellite communications equipment: Sailor 900, FleetOne, Iridium Pilot, Sailor 9120 and LookOut satellite beacons based on the Iridium satellite communications network. The barks were connected to the global automated monitoring system “Victoria”.

To provide the crew with permanent internet access Morsviazsputnik organized mobile satellite communication channels based on maritime VSAT, Inmarsat FleetOne and Iridium Pilot.

Morsviazsputnik wishes all participants of the expedition strength, motivation and healthy enthusiasm in carrying out the state task on sailing.