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SATELLITE SELECTION RULES for FBB/LBB/SBB-user terminals operating within Russia/MEAS

Monday, March 5, 2018

Dear Customers!

In line with the Inmarsat notification and to comply with the Russian national regulatory requirements, Morsviazsputnik would like to inform you that BGAN terminals operating within the borders of the Russian Federation under the coverage of the MEAS satellite region is to be required to land their traffic via the Russian national satellite access station (SAS).

In accordance with the existing Russian legislation all BGAN terminals operating in Russia under the MEAS satellite region coverage will need to connect only to the MEAS satellite and not to the EMEA or APAC satellites, which overlap the Russian Federation footprint.

The Russian regulatory requirements relate to all variants of BGAN terminals - BGAN, FleetBroadband and SwiftBroadband (land, sea and air accordingly) with the only exclusion applying to the Aviation Cooperative Mode Terminals (Classic Aero plus SwiftBroadband functionality). For FleetBroadband maritime terminals, these regulations apply for all ships operating within 12 nautical miles from Russian territorial waters.

As BGAN terminals with existing firmware (pre-September 2017) feature an automatic satellite selection algorithm, designed to connect to an Inmarsat satellite solely based upon the optimum elevation angle, it is quite possible that a terminal located within the Russian boarder in an area where there is overlapping coverage could select EMEA or APAC, in contravention of the Russian regulations.

For fixed location manual pointing terminals that are already using MEAS satellite region and                          the Russia SAS it is recommended that these terminals are upgraded as they could                                inadvertently use EMEA or APAC when in Russia and breach the regulations.

To address this issue and to ensure high quality of the services provided, Inmarsat has been working with its terminal manufacturing and software developing partners and introduces a new satellite selection algorithm to facilitate compliance changing the technical standard. This change enables the BGAN network to command a terminal to point to a specific satellite – in this instance, the MEAS region satellite – based on its geographic location.

As a consequence, Inmarsat recommends users of both manual pointing terminals being already able to operate via MEAS satellite, and automatic pointing terminals to check and update firmware as soon as it becomes available from the manufacturers.

The proposed firmware update will allow to disable inadvertently usage of EMEA and APAC satellites when locating under the MEAS coverage and to be operating via the Russian SAS.

The information on firmware availability for the different types of terminals is published on our website:


Users in Russia on EMEA and APAC satellites under the MEAS coverage would be in in breach of Russian national regulations, and may potentially be denied service.

To avoid any probable issues Inmarsat and Morsviazsputnik would recommend to ensure that all your BGAN user terminals operating within Russia have received the updated firmware.

Should you wish to discuss this matter further, to obtain additional technical guidance for firmware update or  information on firmware availability dates for your terminal type, please, do not hesitate to contact Morsviazsputnik’ Customer Service team either by e-mail:, or via telephone on: +74959671896 / +7 495 626 1896