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Inmarsat multivoice

Multivoice service for Inmarsat FleetBroadband

Multivoice service is used for differentiation of business communication (the captain's line) and team calls. The service uses a data transmission channel for voice calls. The quality of communication service is comparable to the quality of voice connection of the captain's line.

Activation of service is performed by connection of an additional APN access poin for a separate one-time payment.

The service allows increasing the number of voice lines onboard the vessel to nine, using only one FleetBroadband terminal.

The crew can make personal calls based on post-payment or by pre-paid cards, without preventing work of the main captain's line. Unique telephone number is provided to each phone line. The service also supports an Emergency call -  505.

marsat muliivoice

Depending on the lines number necessary onboard there are two types of service connection:

1) For connection of three additional lines it is rather simple to activate Multivoice service having addressed Morsviazsputnik Sales department (

2) Additional installation of the equipment is necessary for connection of the larger number of lines (Mini PABX, etc.)

Quality of service and quantity of at the same time established calls depend on the level of network loading and stability of the satellite coverage zone.

Requirements to the equipment:

  • Terminal model: FBB150, FBB250, FBB 500
  • The list of producers of the equipment can be specified in the Sales department (
  • The current version of FBB terminal firmware. Concerning firmware updating is possible to contact Technical department:

Connection of Multivoice service allows crew members to be in touch with the family at the moments, important for them, and make the stay in voyage more comfortable.