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Ship security alert system (SSAS)

According to the information of International Maritime Organization (IMO) the number of seamen injured and deceased due to pirates’ attacks have increased in recent years. In order to provide security of the crew and passengers of ships in December 2002 IMO has introduced amendments to the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea SOLAS-74 as related to Ship Security Alert Systems (instruction SOLAS XI-2/6).

SSAS is designed for secret notification of competent authorities appointed by the Government and is not supposed to generate any notable signals aboard the ship and send out alert signals to other vessels. SSAS transmits a special alert signal «ship-to-shore» which indicates to competent authorities that safety of a vessel is at risk. A special alert signal shall be transmitted until it’s deactivated or dropped.

Shore segment of the national Ship Security Alert System is developed on the basis of existing Global Automated System for Monitoring and Tracking of vessels Victoria (VMS Victoria).

Functions of Vessel Monitoring System Victoria related to supporting of SSAS:

  • registration and keeping database of vessels equipped with SSAS facilities;
  • testing of SSAS equipment installed on a vessel;
  • acceptance of SSAS messages and automatic identification of a vessel having transmitted a SSAS message;
  • indication of position of a vessel on a geographical map in accordance with location data received;
  • bringing SSAS messages to the attention of competent authorities with detailed information on a vessel and its owner.
  • All Russian vessels equipped with ship security alert systems must be registered in the Center of Monitoring and Security Alert.

Regulative documents and registration forms:

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