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Marsat Flex.Net

Marsat Flex.Net is an irreplaceable solution for network operation on board. Possibility of adjusting the equipment from the shore reduces the required costs of onboard computer network and gives an opportunity to control pre-paid and post-paid access to the resources, provision of crew and passengers with communication services. The satellite routers allow operating several satellite systems and managing traffic flow beyond the specified limit. 

  • Flexnet mini 19" 1u with 9 Ethernet ports. 19" server platform + switch + WiFi AP (option)

Marsat Flex. Net + satellite channel

Onboard Services

  • 50 % compression of incoming traffic
  • 50 % compression of outgoing traffic
  • Possibility of downloading full-size image files on demand
  • Local cache on the equipment
  • Protection from unauthorized access
  • Reference to equipment by the MAC address
  • QoS for various satellite segments
  • Onboard Firewall (Prevents unwanted traffic)
  • VOIP
  • Virus detection and network attacks prevention system



Web Compression

  • Average acceleration up to 3-5 times
  • Average savings up to 80 %
  • Advertising blocking
  • Images processing
  • Pages restoring


• Distributed caching of Web

Service Quality

  • Prioritization by service – capacity rollover for the web-browsing services and VOIP
  • Restriction for the user – control of maximum possible access to the resource
  • Prioritization by the user – Access control to the captain and crew (passengers)
  • QoS Calendar - Access control by time and schedule (specified day volume of the traffic

Internet cafe (pre-paid pin-codes)

The equipment allows implementing the solution on the establishment of the Internet café. The MARSAT system allows using both the pre-paid and post-paid traffic for one PDP context. This allows effectively establishing the crew web service.

The solution available for the users of the onboard network (LAN) operates as the Internet café and allows staying connected to office and provides crew with the opportunity to communicate with friends and family.

The network (LAN) with t Internet café is based on the devices, which allow conducting on-line calculations.

The Smartpin allows operating of voice services, e-mail, wired Internet connections.

The flexible system of accounting tariffs allows separating traffic of t ship-owner from that of the captain, crew and passengers. Pin can be used for each vessel managed by one company using the satellite network.

In addition, the administrator access allows analyzing the on-line reports on the usage of the traffic providing the ship-owner with the complete and clear picture on the usage of the Internet by the crew.   


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