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Maritime VSAT

To organize reliable communication at sea, VSAT technology, already well-established and known on shore, is used today.

Trends in the development of the world fleet contribute to the increasing spread of maritime VSAT installations. Firstly, on modern ships the number of crew members decreased, which led to an increase in the load on the staff. Secondly, the number of documents processed on the ship has significantly increased, so that now almost every ship has its own "server part," the Internet on the ship and the ship's database. In addition, if the shipowner equips all ships of his fleet with maritime VSATs, it becomes possible to combine all ships of one company into a corporate network with a common database and the ability to exchange information.


The main function of maritime VSAT is to organize a full-fledged high-speed communication on sea and river vessels via a satellite channel. The use of broadband satellite equipment based on VSAT technology currently meets all the requirements for modern, high-speed, permanent communication with ships and floating facilities:

  • Based on IP
  • Provides a high data transmission rate
  • Provides the ability to integrate communication services
  • Uses C or Ku bands
  • Provides fast return on equipment costs
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Provides continuous, reliable and high-quality communication with ships

Equipping the marine and river fleet vessels with VSATs allows combining the ships of the company into a single private corporate network with the ability to quickly exchange information between the head office, dispatch consoles and ships. Implement operational management of the entire fleet, and each vessel separately: for example, continuous monitoring, real-time advice, transfer of meteorological, commercial, administrative information, etc.

Services are implemented on the basis of high-speed satellite channels to solve the following tasks:

  • Increased efficiency in the activities of shipping companies, using the unification of the company's ships into a single corporate network with the implementation of modern communication services
  • Introduction of modern information technologies in the management systems of the whole fleet and individual vessels
  • Provision of backup communication of the main radio navigation systems
  • Exchange of information between the head office, control console, vessels
  • Remote monitoring of ship automation equipment and systems, real-time consultation, reception and transmission of information
  • Provision of backup communication of main radio navigation systems
  • Maintaining the high professional level of ship crews
  • Ensuring the safety of navigation in all areas of the world's oceans and seas
  • Improvement of technical level of electric power systems and electrical equipment of vessels and floating facilities
  • Introduction of modern technologies into oceanographic and hydrometeorological research
  • Detection and prevention of maritime piracy
  • Provision of high-quality, high-speed communication  services to passengers and crews of ships

морской VSAT

Benefits of Maritime VSAT

  • Continuous monitoring of ships
  • High network reliability
  • Cost Optimization
  • Ability to operate at guaranteed speeds
  • Easy installation and maintenance of equipment
  • Equipment taking into account sea conditions: ensuring stability of the terminal in the direction of satellite in case of waves up to 5 points
  • Possibility of constant contact of crew with shore
  • Ensuring high-quality communication in emergency situations


VSAT-based services

  • Access to the public city telephone network through the shipowner's office telephone exchange (telephone line), organized by technology VoIP
  • Separation of access networks by consumers on a vessel
  • Internet Service Access
  • CCTV on vessel and environment
  • Remote access to local shipowner resources
  • Connection of ship telemetry sensors
  • Ship tracking (map tracking) in real time
  • Individual Internet access of crew members and payment of service via electronic payment system
  • Remote control of ship equipment operation
  • Collection, translation and storage of telemetry, mapping and navigation information
  • Reception of open TV programs
  • Telemedicine


What is included in the equipment package

Maritime VSAT includes a maritime stabilized antenna system, which allows working through a geostationary satellite, maintaining orientation towards it during the movement of the ship under any weather conditions. Depending on the required set of sea or river communication services, the ship uses additional equipment: router, switch, voice gateway. When connecting to a Wi-Fi communication channel, an access point and a femtocell can organize wireless Internet access and mobile communication regardless of the presence of a cellular network coverage area.

The router (Marsat FlexNet) installed on the ship can be configured to work with an alternative communication channel on ship, for example, Inmarsat FBB or Iridium OpenPort. This setting provides a fully automatic switch to the given back-up channel when the VSAT channel is lost and an automatic return switch to VSAT channel when the vessel returns to the service area. Thus, Maritime or River VSAT ensures high service availability regardless of circumstances when optimizing traffic costs.



vsat sailor 800The SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku is a standardized high-performance 3-axis stabilized Ku-band anten-na system with an 83 cm reflec-tor dish. It comes in a standard 6W BUC or a high power 20W version and provides the same or better radio performance than a typical 1m antenna. These claims are supported by industry 3rd party testing, which has shown that SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku provides the best performance for an antenna in the 80cm class.

To read more and download Sailor VSAT 800 data sheet







Vsat sailor 900


The SAILOR 900 VSAT is an advanced maritime stabilized Ku-band antenna system built with the same high quality and performance that has made SAILOR the leading name in pro-fessional maritime communica-tion equipment over decades. To emphasize this claim, our lat-est Eutelsat tests have revealed the highest and best antenna performance in the 1m class.

To read more and download Sailor VSAT 900 data sheet








Intellian v100NX 




intellian_V100Intellian v100NX is a Future proof Ku- to Ka-band convertible maritime VSAT antenna system supporting future 2.5Ghz Ka- Wideband networks with a tuned radome and reflector. The 100NX’s new operation platform enables GEO/MEO/LEO satellite tracking ensuring the antenna is ready for all future networks. To read more and download Intellian v100NX data sheet






  Intellian v130NX




Intellian v130NX is the Ku-to Ka-band convertible maritime VSAT Antenna System with a 1.25m diameter reflector. The v130NX’s new control platform with highly efficient RF design delivers superior performance compared to other 1.3 meter class systems, enabling higher data rates and global operation. The v130NX’s new operation platform provides the efficiency of configuration and activation with its smart operational software AptusNX.  To read more and download Intellian v130NX data sheet




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