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LookOut ver. Marine - satellite monitoring system

Control and confidence in the sea!

LookOut ver. Marine is a satellite locator beacon that enables vessel location, course and speed monitoring everywhere in the world, including polar regions. Data transmission to the Victoria VMS via Iridium satellite communication channel - 100% Earth coverage! Compact, reliable, tight. Suitable for application in the most extreme conditions.

  Basic functions:

  • Navigation data acquisition in the GPS/GLONASS positioning system;
  • Data collection and processing from external devices with analog and discrete inputs;
  • Transfer of collected data via Iridium satellite channel (SBD technology) to the data collection server that supports LookOut ver. Marine exchange protocol;
  • Collected data archiving, recording to non-volatile memory, as well as saving when the locator beacon is completely de-energized.
  • Control of events related to removal from the special attachment (if used) and locator beacon case opening;
  • Operation from external or own autonomous power supply – rechargeable batteries (hereinafter - RCB);
  • Communication with external devices via RS422/RS485 configurable wired interface.

The information obtained from the locator beacon enables to track its current location, the itinerary of travel over the selected time intervals as well as to monitor the data coming from the locator beacon analog and discrete inputs. Availability of built-in GSM/GPRS communication channel enables to use it for service maintenance. The locator beacon supports the radio frequency communication channel (RFM 433) and Bluetooth communication channel. These channels are not involved and are not used in the locator beacon operation.
The locator beacon corresponds (optional) to the MU climatic category and to the location environmental classes 1 and 5 pursuant to GOST 15150, at the ambient temperature from -40 to +60 °C. Air relative humidity up to 100 % at the temperature of +25°C. IP67 degree of protection is ensured by a sheath pursuant to GOST 14254.

Advantages and technical peculiarities of LookOut ver. Marine:

Optimized data exchange protocol enables to reduce the size of the basic navigation package and communication costs;

  • Possibility to disable data transfer regarding the vessel velocity and course with the aim to save the satellite traffic;
  • Customizability of radio contact schedules pursuant to requirements of border control authorities (up to 12 timestamps);
  • Two analog inputs (current or voltage measurement mode) and two discrete inputs for connecting the already installed detectors and the vessel control functions extension;
  • Optionally, the locator beacon is delivered with a particular attachment device made of stainless steel, which enables to place the locator beacon on almost any horizontal or vertical pipe;
  • Option of connecting an information and control device (ICD) with its installation in the deck house for monitoring the locator beacon operation, diagnostics and sending SOS messages.