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Iridium SBD application


Shipping and scientific research

Monitoring of fishery vessels

According to the new rules of the Federal Fisheries Agency, all fishing vessels in the Russian maritime economic zone must be equipped with trackers to transmit data from ships to control centers. Iridium satellite trackers allow regulatory organizations and shipowners to monitor vessel position and course, monitor ship mechanisms, transmit distress signals and an electronic fishing log.


Monitoring of river and coastal vessels

River shipping companies carry out northern import and transportation of commercial goods on rivers and seas. Iridium satellite trackers allow to monitor the position and course of ships, to monitor the operation of ship mechanisms and the cargo condition, transmit distress signals. An example of the efficient use of vessel tracking is the river shipping of Siberian Rivers. The use of Iridium trackers increased the efficiency of ship use in the Northern Import supply chains.

Monitoring of oceanographic vessels and icebreakers

Iridium network provides communications services in the Far North, Arctic Ocean and Antarctic regions. Therefore, icebreakers and scientific vessels in this region use Iridium satellite trackers for monitoring and data transmission. Iridium satellite trackers allow tracking the position and ships course, monitoring the operation of ship mechanisms, transmitting scientific data and distress signals.

Monitoring of container shipping

Traffic on the Northern Sea Route has been increasing since each year. Maritime carriers and cargo owners are interested in container and cargo monitoring along the whole route of their transportation. Since most of the container rout runs through areas without terrestrial communication networks, it is possible to use Iridium trackers to monitor containers. It is also possible to organize monitoring of container traffic on railways and roads.


Exploration and mining

Monitoring of drilling equipment

Most areas of oil and gas production are not supplied by terrestrial cellular communication networks. In this case trackers with Iridium satellite communication channels are used to monitor drilling and auxiliary equipment.

Monitoring of the geological equipment

The main geological survey areas are not supplied by terrestrial cellular communication networks, so trackers with Iridium satellite links are used to monitor vehicles with geological equipment. Trackers allow transmitting coordinates of cars with geological equipment and parameters of geological equipment.

Monitoring of oil and gas companies' ships

Due to the movement of oil and gas production areas to the north and the development of LNG transportation by sea, oil and gas companies have increased the volume of maritime transportation. Iridium marine trackers certified by the Maritime and River Register are used to provide vessel monitoring in seas, coastal waters and rivers. Iridium satellite trackers allow shipowners to monitor the position and rout of ships, monitor the operation of ship mechanisms and transmit distress signals.



Truck monitoring

Logistic companies face the transport of expensive and special cargo throughout Russia. Standard GSM trackers cannot provide reliable truck monitoring. The application of dual-mode GSM/Iridium trackers allows to control transport in any regions and ensure reliable cargo control, as well as fuel control on motor vehicles and its correct operation. Cars in leasing can also be reliably controlled using trackers with Iridium satellite communication channels.

Power generation sector

Personal tracking of power engineering specialists

Personal trackers with Iridium Channel and Iridium Extreme phone can be used to control engineers and repair teams in power generation companies. The use of personal trackers allows ensuring the safety of employees at remote facilities and during travel, optimizing work processes and controlling employees in geozones; providing communication and personal tracking of employees of repair teams. It is also possible to use the LBS option to arrange personal tracking on Iridium Extreme phones.