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Inmarsat Globlal Xpress

The Inmarsat-5 satellites Global Xpress (GX) operate with a combination of fixed narrow spot beams that enable Inmarsat to deliver higher speeds through more compact terminals, plus steerable beams so additional capacity can be directed in real-time to where it’s needed.

Operating in the resilient Ka-band, while integrating seamlessly with our proven L-band network, Global Xpress allows customers across aviation, maritime, enterprise and government sectors to have reliable and assured access to high-throughput communications.

With Cisco, Inmarsat has also developed the Inmarsat Service Enablement Platform (ISEP) and the Inmarsat Gateway, which will deliver a whole new world of innovative, content-rich applications – developed by our Certified Application Partners – tailored to meet Global Xpress users’ needs.




On track for global commercial service

On 28 August, Inmarsat successfully launched of the third satellite in the Global Xpress constellation (I-5 F3) from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, at 12:44 GMT. I-5 F3 is a key step towards delivering global commercial service introduction of GX services by the end of 2015.

The second Global Xpress (GX) satellite – Inmarsat-5 F2 (I-5 F2) – launched on 1 February 2015. Due to arrive in its operational orbital slot shortly, once operational, I-5 F2 will deliver Global Xpress services in the Americas and the Atlantic Ocean Region.

The first Global Xpress satellite, I-5 F1, launched in December 2013 and entered commercial service in July 2014, powering regional Global Xpress services for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Each Inmarsat-5 satellite is expected to have a commercial life of 15 years.

As part of Inmarsat’s US$1.6 billion programme commitment, a fourth Global Xpress satellite(I-5 F4) is currently under construction by Boeing in California, and is on schedule for completion in mid-2016.


Seamless global high-speed broadband

Global Xpress can be accessed through a portfolio of portable, fixed and mobile terminals and a wide range of service plans will allow us to meet your communications requirements, wherever your business is distributed.

Applications supported by Global Xpress

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) support and managed VoIP service

  • Video teleconferencing

  • Branch office applications (eg VPN access, SAP, Citrix, email)

  • Real-time video and audio streaming

  • Real-time interactive collaboration and situational awareness

  • High-speed broadband for internet access

  • High-speed file transfer

  • Video surveillance

  • Inmarsat reliability

Inmarsat has been operating the most reliable mobile satellite communications network for over 30 years and quality of service is fundamental to our business. All Global Xpress ground systems and infrastructure are fully redundant. In addition, Global Xpress services are complemented by our BGAN services on the Inmarsat-4 satellites, which can deliver near 100% network availability as a back-up solution, or be your primary service for lower-bandwidth or machine-to-machine communications. Inmarsat uses commercial best practices for network security throughout our operations and customer support.

At present moment in the territory of the Russian Federation Inmarsat Global Xpress services are not provided.