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Marsat Mail Server and FlyCarrier Application

The service of e-mail address provision in the domain is free of charge to the customers using the Inmarsat FleetBroadband and FleetOne and Iridium Open Port terminals and having the contract with “Morsviazsputnik” for communication services. The service is available in Morsviazsputnik network, access via SMTP protocol from exstranets is not available.  This service can be provided in two modes at the customer’s option:

  • direct access to the service using standard mail programs;
  • access to the mail service using the specialized FlyCarrier software.

The FlyCarrier application is aimed at optimizing the data transfer via IP satellite communication channels. The software system providing the data optimization and compression consists of the client and server parts. The client part (FlyCarrier application) is installed at the client’s PC, while the server part is installed at “Morsviazsputnik” shore mail server. For extranet users marsatmail box is available via web interface.

To prevent possible attacks from the outside, users are recommended to introduce the password to the account with the sufficient level of complexity. In case the password doesn't meet requirements of information security, the user will receive notification on the necessity to change the password. Accounts with the passwords which aren't conforming to safety requirements may be temporarily blocked.

The client part of FlyCarrier application receives messages from the standard mail program, compresses the data, sets up the connection with the shore server end of the system and transmits the data with the maximal possible IP traffic minimization. The FlyCarrier server part receives the messages, unpacks them and delivers to the mail (, which provides the delivery of the messages to the final addressee.

The client part of FlyCarrier application at the client’s PC takes the intermediate position (middleware) between the standard user mail program (for instance, Outlook Express) and the mail server.

FlyCarrier supports the joint work with basic mail programs (MS Outlook/Outlook Express, The Bat!, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora).


Main functions of FlyCarrier

  • automatic compression of all messages sent to mail server
  • automatic compression of all incoming messages from the mail server
  • full-duplex operation mode (receipt and transmission are performed simultaneously)   
  • possibility of choosing the messages to receive from the mail server (algorithm is similar to IMAP 4) – you can prevent spam by confirming receipt from the known addresses only
  • restoring receipt/transmission from the place of communication channel rapture while working with the mail server
  • preliminary preparation of messages for receipt on the server part of FlyCarrier
  • reduction in size of the original message up to 40% due to the optimized coding of the mail message (not taking into account its further compression)
  • possibility of choosing the option of automatic change in image files resolution (maximal size of the image in pixels, color depth and image quality), which allows reducing the original size of the image 2-10 times without visual deterioration of the quality – optimal if the transmitted image is not intended for printing
  • automatic recording of communication sessions
  • possibility of visual observation of receipt/transmission process
  • possibility of using usual mail program to prepare, transmit and receive messages
  • maintaining the statistics of received/transmitted messages of the users with automatic counting of the receipt/transmission cost
  • possibility of using as mail server
  • possibility of local mail accounts development on vessels – these users will have an opportunity to receive/transmit messages only between themselves and the basic account without the opportunity to work via  satellite communication line
  • possibility of independent development on vessels the accounts operating in pre-paid mode – account is developed with a certain balance, the tariff is determined ($/MB) and within this sum user is able to receive/transmit messages via satellite communication channel
  • possibility of accounts development with traffic quotas –user is provided with the certain free volume of traffic, which can be used within the day/any other specified period. While exceeding this quota user’s operation is blocked (this option is widely used by the companies practicing the selection of some volume of free traffic for crew-members to plan traffic flow and limit its usage)
  • possibility of account development for automatic files exchange – many ship-owners have their own applications for fleet management, which presuppose constant files exchange with the vessel in order to provide consistent support and management. This option allows configuring FlyCarrier program so that all the messages with attachments received at the address of this account will be automatically received and recorded to certain folders/computers included into the vessel’s local network. Similarly, the files of the preliminary chosen folders/computers will be automatically taken and sent to the ship-owner at the specified mail address
  • FlyCarrier, while working with the FleetBroadband terminals, is able to receive/transmit text messages (SMS) via FBB for different purposes, for instance, to get such message if there are urgent messages or messages from the preliminary chosen addresses 
  • supporting the Iridium OpenPort terminals, in addition to the terminals of Inmarsat Fleetbroadband and FleetOne
  • possibility of manual (by clicking the relevant button) and automatic (this option is switched off on default) connection and disconnection with the Internet. Thus, the terminal can be managed from the Fly Carrier program
  • possibility of sending diagnostic report to the program’s developers with short user’s notes in case of program error
  • data collection on the location (this option is switched off on default). On default the data sending is carried out 4 times a day. The information on the location is put into the waiting line for sending every 3 miles of the distance covered. The maximum volume of the transmitted data does not exceed 15 Kb per day.  The data transmission is carried out during the same communication session of the mail receipt/transmission
  • displaying the information on terminals location (+tracks) at Google maps (Google API)  in Mosaik user web-portal.
  • Possibility of sending an e-mail to the program developer for getting a more reliable feedback from our customers. Automatic and manual choice of the current equipment as well as of the on land FlyCarrier server was added. These installation features are put in the separate engineering menu.
  •  News feed. RIA news is added for the Russian interface, Reuters – for the English one. News feed is on by default and requests the data for the previous two hours, further on the request is made on a periodic predetermined base.

To use the FlyCarrier application it is necessary to be a registered user of the server (to get login and password from technical support and ask the DVD with the program and instruction, or download them from the server