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About Morsviazsputnik

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise was established in 1976 as All-Union Association of electro navigation and satellite communication within the Ministry of Merchant Marine in accordance with the USSR Council of Ministers Resolution. It was set up to  provide operation of Soviet and international Earth satellites  with  the aim of  submitting satcom services for the vessels of the merchant marine and for the participation of the USSR  in Inmarsat.

Morsviazsputnik was authorized to sign the Inmarsat Operational Agreement. It  was  given the functions  of the Inmarsat operator on the territory of the USSR and of the working body for the Coordination Council for maritime satellite communication within the Ministry of the Merchant Marine.

In accordance with the obligations of the Russian Federation against International Convention SOLAS 1974, Resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers dd 03.07.1997 N 813  and  under the instruction of the Ministry  of Transport Morsviazsputnik performed the functions of an authorized body for the functioning of GMDSS in the Russian Federation.

Morsviazsputnik is now administered by the Federal Agency of Maritime and River transport. The Enterprise is included in the list of the strategic companies by the Directive of the President of the Russian Federation dated 04.08.2004 N 1009.

The main activity of Morsviazsputnik is the provision of Inmarsat mobile satellite communication services to legal entities and private users under the license of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications.

Morsviazsputnik provides operation and development of the Russian segment of INMARSAT system by means of:

  • 2 land stations connected with public telecommunication network, which are located in Nudol, Klinsky District, Moscow Region and in Nakhodka in Primorsky Krai.
  • Tyopliy Stan Communications Center (Moscow)
  • Telecommunications Facility at ММTC-9 (Moscow)
  • Telecommunications Facility at Telecity 1 (Amsterdam)
  • Network Control Center (Moscow)

Morsviazsputnik has two affiliated offices in Saint Petersburg and in Nakhodka.

Morsviazsputnik participates in the activity of IMO, ITU, IMSO, COSPAS-SARSAT and other international organizations. The participation of the Enterprise in the above-mentioned organizations enables to defend the interests of the Russian Transport and industry while developing requirements in the sphere of communication for the safety of navigation. It also contributes to the improvement of national regulations and state standards.

Morsviazsputnik is an official distribution partner of Iridium and Thuraya satellite communication services of LLC “Iridium Communications” and CJSC “GTNT” accordingly.

Upon instructions from the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport, Morsviazsputnik participates in the following activities:

Morsviazsputnik conducts works on equipping of marine transport with communication facilities, performing tests, conducting research and development, preparing technical documentation and expert estimations.

Morsviazsputnik provides operation and development of the Russian part of COSPAS-SARSAT earth segment – satellite-based search and rescue distress alert detection and information distribution system.

Morsviazsputnik acts as the Russian Long Range Identification and Tracking System Center.

Morsviazsputnik customers are public and administrative authorities, enterprises of transport industry and oil and gas producing enterprises, fishing and shipping, TV and radio broadcasting companies, communication enterprises, air transport enterprises, other entities and private users in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Morsviazsputnik policy is intended to develop the satellite communication market, to maintain decent standard of services, to hire highly-skilled professionals; it is focused on equal and fair partnership.

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