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Electronic information system SU04

Electronic information system SU04 (EIS SU04) is a Web tool for the client to access his billing information and invoices. Basic functions of EIS SU04 include:

  • Review and reception of electronic lists of the terminals serviced by SU04.
  • Review and reception of electronic current list of unsettled bills
  • Review of the list of bills prepared for the client and their reception as in the form of identical copy (PDF format), and in machine-readable form (CSV or D91 formats). Data in CSV and D91 format are accessible for communication bills through shore earth station 015, shore earth station Nudol (017) or one of discount programs. SU04 line bills are accessible only in PDF format. The reason for this is that it is impossible to guarantee completeness of the information on each call for such bills.
  • Review of the list of the client charged payments
  • Obtaining balance
  • Review of the «hot traffic» information through shore earth station 015, shore earth station Nudol, shore earth station Eik and in the Inmarsat R-BGAN system. This information cannot serve as the basis for billing of the clients as its clarification will be required at the stage of its further processing, however it provides close approximation.
  • Barring or removal of barring of satellite communication stations and radio call signs. In this mode you can send the corresponding request to our personnel.
  • Reception of the information in electronic form is possible both in «on-line», and «off-line» modes. In «on-line» mode the requested information is prepared directly after the request and is sent you when ready. As preparation of the information can take significant time, this mode can be considered as additional. In «off-line» mode the information of your requests is stored in the database and sent you after preparation via e-mail. In such mode waiting time is typically no more than hour. E-mail address at which the information requested by you will be sent, is added in EIS SU04 at registration of the client. It can be changed at filling in the application. The generated files are sent in the form of the password-protected ZIP-archive. The same password is used, as at logging in EIS SU04.

The use of the system is free-of-charge, however you must pay your Internet-provider for networking.

Registration in EIS SU04 is also free-of-charge. You can register in EIS SU04 by calling the economist supervising your company in SU04, or filling in the registration form on EIS SU04 site at the address: