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Credit limit monitoring

The tool allows tracking the costs for Inmarsat IV communication services in real time mode, receiving the notifications via the e-mail on approaching to the limit level of funds. The monitoring service allows tracking the balance state both of a separate device and a group of terminals.

Cost Control – Credit Limit Monitoring

  • Tracking by the traffic volume
  • Notification via e-mail on reaching the limits
  • Automatic blocking of SIM-cards, if necessary
  • Suitable both for one card and a group of cards (for instance: for the fleet)
  • Notification of the office and captain on large traffic
  • Tracking the price limit for the state contracts 


Morsviazsputnik provides  the "Traffic monitoring" tool free of charge.

The tool  is developed  on the base of traffic logs (CDR) received from the network data processing system.
Morsviazsputnik would like to inform the users of this service  that when the data transmission (Standard IP) speed is 256 kbps and above, the IP traffic volume can reach 5-10 MB per minute depending on the equipment class. The technological delay in the  traffic information processing can reach 20 minutes or more  - as a result the total volume of traffic can exceed the user-defined thresholds by 75 to 150 MB or more. Considering the above, Morsviazsputnik strongly recommends that users set up the traffic control thresholds, taking into account the delay in CDRs processing.

By signing up to the "Traffic monitoring" tool, the subscriber confirms that he/she fully understands and agrees that as the traffic  monitoring is  based on IP logs received from the network data processing system with a delay of 20 minutes or more,  the potential overrun of traffic compared to the set threshold cannot be used as the reason for rejecting full and timely payment for telecommunication services.

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