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Communication services at sea

Morsviazsputnik offers its customers modern satellite communications solutions for data and voice transfer which meet the highest requirements for quality and reliability standard.

Morsviazsputnik offers the broadest portfolio of mobile voice and data solutions on the market. So we can meet the needs of all types and size of vessel – and every budget.

Inmarsat III services

Broadband services


Voice services

Maritime VSAT

Morsviazsputnik provides the operation and development of the Russian segment of the Inmarsat system. It consists of 2 stations- in the Moscow Region (Nudol) and the FarEast Region (Nakhodka). The Russian segment  also comprises the «Tyoplyj Stan» center of communication (Moscow),» Rozhdestvenka» center of communication (Moscow), the center of controlling Inmarsat  SA and the customers’ terminals.

In Saint-Petersburg there’s Morsviazsputnik’ affiliate, meant for customers of the North-West region of the country.

Morsviazsputnik participates in the activity of IMO, ITU, IMSO, COSPAS-SARSAT and other international organizations. The participation of the Enterprise in the above mentioned organizations enables to defend the interests of the Russian Transport and industry while developing requirements in the sphere of communication for the safety of navigation. It also contributes to the improvement of national regulations and state standards.

"Morsviazsputnik" is the international accounting authority with the code SU-04, assigned by ITU. It settles the payments with Administrations of foreign countries for the services provided for the vessels under the Russian flag.

The Enterprise executes the equipment of the maritime objects with technical devices, conducts trials and scientific tests, and prepares technical and expert documents.

According to the instruction of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport “Morsviazsputnik” participates in:

  • state programs for the development of communication means and systems for the maritime and river transport
  • rules and regulations referring to the usage of communication means on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • monitoring  and controlling systems to determine the position of maritime and  river vessels, including LRIT and SSAS
  • together with the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping  conducts type-approval of navigational and radio equipment
  • functioning  and development of the  Russian part  of  COSPAS-SARSAT



“Morsviazsputnik” executes the functions of the Information center of port/flag state control and Russian LRIT center.

At the present moment "Morsviazsputnik" participates in the Complex integrated information system MoRe. The information system will provide safety of navigation by consolidating the national, regional and other existing information systems.

“Morsviazsputnik” has always been orienting on using the up-to-date technologies in the sphere of mobile satellite communication and navigation. It enables the company to remain on the leading positions and introduce modern technologies for the customers.