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Our Agents

Our command works on the satellite communications market since 2002. We propose terminals and services of all mobile satellite systems, which operates in Russia. Also we supply VSAT equipment and services – mobile and fixed stations. We produce our own terminals for corporate systems: mobile terminals, automatic stations.

"Pobedit Co." Ltd in the market of Marine electronics and communications from 1996. Supplier, installation and commissioning of equipment for satellite communications and navigation with partnerships and has direct agreements with «Furuno», «Thrane & Thrane», «NG Sperry Marine», «Transas», «JRC», «Samyung», «KH» and others.


Satcom-Service company (trade name "Satcom-DV") supplies satellite equipment and provides Inmarsat, Iridium, VSAT satellite communication services,also develops software for use in conjunction with satellite communication equipment for electronic ship document circulation for shipowner's office, traffic control, and monitoring. The company is Morsviazsputnik agent in the Far East of Russia.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The group of companies ServiceSoft is a Russian developer and manufacturer of equipment for automation, control, monitoring of mobile objects and Internet services.

The group of companies, founded in 2004 in Tula, is a top reputable company in the market of technical controls due to many years of experience in engineering, its own innovative production center and the international quality management system.


STT Marine Service is a team of professional managers, engineers and designers.

We adhere to the principles of openness, efficiency and quality since the birth of the company in 2006 to this day.

Today STT Marine Service is one of the regional leaders in the field of supply and maintenance of marine radio electronic equipment and spares, a reliable partner of Russian and foreign companies.


«VEC-Technology Co.» Ltd. (Vladivostok) deals with installation of telecommunication and navigation equipment on ships and maritime terminals, development of automatic control systems and complex security systems. Company operates on territory of Eastern Siberia and Far East of Russia. «VEC-Technology Co.» has recognition certificates of RMRS and FAMRT, available high quality engineers, testing laboratory.


The company "Prism" successfully works in connection to the services of the international Iridium satellite communications in Russia. Among our clients are large companies of Yakutia, the Far East and Russia.

Ltd "Prism" since the company was founded in 2010, has established itself as a reliable business partner in the implementation of satellite and navigation equipment in Russia. The scope of the company's interests are increasing every year, and confirmed the positive dynamics of growth of the customer base.


Federal Government-Financed Institution "Centre of Fishery Monitoring and Communications" is subordinated to the Federal Agency for Fishery agency. Center for Fisheries and communication monitoring system provides the state monitoring of aquatic biological resources, monitor and control the activities of fishing vessels, as well as at the federal level, the processing, storage and analysis of data coming into the OSM.


The autonomous non-profit organization Sea Club “Divizion”  is a unitary non-commercial organization created for service provision in the spheres of ensuring safe operation of sea vessels, coastal infrastructure development of the fleet basing, creation of national and international maritime and ecological tourism, assistance of sea traditions revival and their support, protection of sea vessels owners’ legitimate rights and interests.

LLC "Presto-Svyaz" - a telecommunications company operating in the Russian Far East. Main business: the connection of communication services on the satellite channel, the implementation of the Iridium satellite phones, Thuraya, Inmarsat, Globalstar and SIM cards to him, installation of mobile terminals on ships and vehicles, maintenance of communication systems.

Telecom and Satellite Solutions Co., Ltd (shortly “TSS” Co. Ltd.) was launched in 2012. Basic priority – providing services and developing the company in the segment of satellite communications, aimed to meet a demand for communications industry services, large-scale corporate and state customers. The company’s basic line of activity: wholesale and retail sales of satellite equipment and finished industry solutions on the base of this equipment, as well as development of domestic equivalents for the equipment and solutions against technical specifications of a customer. Basic specialization – Iridium, Inmarsat and VSAT satellite communication systems. The company’s employees are experienced at delivery, installation and technical support of satellite equipment both for mobile and stationary solutions.


LLC "Klondike-SAT" is one of the largest companies of personal mobile satellite communications in Russia. Founded in the 1997 year, "Klondike-SAT" for many years of successful work has established itself as a stable and dynamically developing company. The main activity of our company - sale of satellite phones and terminals Iridium, Inmarsat varying degrees of complexity, service, delivery of satellite phones in Russia.

LLC "Klondike-SAT" - is authorized agent of FSUE “Morsviazsputnik" to provide communication services of Inmarsat and Iridium systems. Website:


PC Marsat-Zapad has been working at the telecommunication service market for more than 12 years. Our company is the agent of Morsvyazsputnik from 2002.

The main activity of PC Marsat-Zapad is delivery, repair, technical maintenance of all complex of radioequipment and terminals of satellite communication.

ANTARSAT CJSC - Inmarsat and Iridium airtime service official agent of "Morsviazsputnik".

ANTARSAT performs supply, installation and service of navigation and communication maritime equipment. ANTARSAT is Cobham SATCOM Certified partner and Cobham SATCOM Technical service partner.


AltegroSky (AltegroSky) is the largest VSAT satellite communications provider in Russia * providing a wide range of services aimed at organizing a digital ecosystem for sea and river transport: creating a corporate «office-sea» network, remote video surveillance in real-time, monitoring of ship equipment, remote diagnostics of components and mechanisms, location and route tracking, audio and video conferencing with the crew, access to corporate applications, IP-telephony and mobile communications. 


Tess Communication was started in 1999. It is the oldest representative of Federal state unitary enterprise Morsvyazsputnik in the satellite communications and radio navigation industry.

Tess Communication offers various mobile satellite communication services and equipment from several providers: Inmarsat, Iridium, VSAT, Thuraya, Globalstar.


Cesar Satellite is the leader in telematics and security services for automotive and real estate sectors in Russia. The company has a reliable monitoring infrastructure that processes more than 6 million alerts every year. 40 offices located in 37 cities across Russia and 3 monitoring centers distribute the workload in the real-time mode and ensure smooth operations on  24/7/365 basis. The company’s business operations are certified according to the ISO 9001 and Thatcham standards for security operation centers. In 2016 Cesar Satellite signed a cooperation agreement with AO GLONASS, to set-up provision of additional telematics, safety and security services based on ERA-GLONASS system.



«Navtelsat Technologies» Ltd. (Navtelsat company) is the company specializing in a wide range of products and services. The company is working, offering solutions and services in three main areas: marine electronics and navigation, telecommunications and satellite communications.

The company is official partner of Cobham (Thrane&Thrane), AvL Technologies, Comtech (Xicom), Work Microwave and other brands.

LLC “Mobile satellite communication” being an agent of the FSUE “Morsviazsputnik”  is engaged in development an equipment to offer M2M services.

“MSC” offers innovation terminals under the trademark iSat that provide data transfer about the objects by communication satellite channels of Inmarsat IsatM2M/IsatData Pro, Iridium SBD and GSM-network having minimum expenses for the satellite traffic.

“MSC” offers monitoring system “SIGMA” for coal-mining machines monitoring, vehicles and river vessels in the most hard-to-reach spots of the Earth and the areas without GSM-network coverage.


The Marineq group of companies provides an extensive complex of equipment and services of selection, installation and commissioning satellite communication systems for sea, river and land transport, and also solutions of personal mobile satellite communication on the territory of Russia.
Being the strategic partner of the FSUE "Morsvyazsputnik", the Marineq company provides official supplies of equipment and service of mobile satellite communication in the Inmarsat system.


The company "TELECOM ONAIR" was founded in 2014 as a provider of solutions based on satellite technology in Russia. The motto of our company is "We appreciate the past, but are constantly monitoring the current satellite equipmentmarket, build the future, which will allow customers taking advantage of all the latest technologies such as Internet, Wi-Fi, GSM communication, TV, etc., as on board the aircraft and  anywhere in the world.




Компания «Атлант Инжиниринг» реализует профессиональное оборудование для ведения точных измерений, электротехнических работ, тушения пожаров, предпроектных мероприятий в строительной сфере. Наши приборы полезны для любителей охоты и рыбалки. У нас можно приобрести полный комплект технического оснащения для морского или речного судна, торговое оборудование для розничной и оптовой торговли, спутниковое оборудование. На правах официального дилера предлагаем высокоточное измерительное оборудование для частных лиц, а также для конструкторских и технологических подразделений крупных предприятий.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"Service +" LLC has been working in the market of marine radio electronics since 2009. The main activities: supply, installation, repair, commissioning of satellite communication and radio navigation equipment, provision of communication services in the systems Inmarsat, Iridium, VSAT, Thuraya for sea vessels and small size fleet.



LLC “Globalniy Gorizont” is an integrator in projects implementation in the sphere of satellite communication and data transfer. Our company provides systems and facilities engineering of different complicity, software product development, provision of communication services in Inmarsat, Iridium, VSAT.


Former Chistopol Design and Process Bureau Vector is one of leaders in Russian market of telecommunications and offer the following products and services to its customers:
  • satellite communication systems and services;
  • satellite, broadcast and cable television; structured cabling systems;
  • communication and data transfer systems intrusion and fire alarm and fire annunciation systems;
  • design, development of basic and detailed design documentation for satellite hubs and minihubs (teleports, hub satellite earth stations);
  • design and development of steel structures, positioning mounts for satellite communication, 3G and 4G networks; development of various installation sets for replacement of VSAT equipment of stations being used (iDirect, Hughes, Gilat, etc.)


LLC "S-Telecom" was established on Nov. 4, 1995, and during all the years engaged in various activities in the field of communications. Director of "S-Telecom" Shipilo Boris Anatolyevich, is recognized as one of the most effective managers of enterprises, organizations and institutions in Russia. He was awarded the honorary title "Top Manager of the Russian Federation 2006".