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Dear Customer!

Processing center PayOnline provides the payment by the bank cards of Visa and MasterCard international payment systems.

Processing of the customer confidential data (bank card details, registration data, etc.) obtained is carried out in the processing center. Thus, nobody, including the seller, can obtain personal and banking data of the customer including the information on his purchases made in other stores.

To pay by bank card you must select your good/service, then go to “Ordering”, fill in all the necessary boxes and click the button “Pay.

Select the type of payment “Bank Card” and enter the amount of payment. Enter email, country of residence, and check the amount of payment.

Enter information in the following fields:

  • Select the type of payment system (Visa, MasterCard)

  • Specify the card number (16 digits on the card obverse);

  • Specify the full name of the card holder (exactly as they are written on the card obverse);

  • Specify the card expiration date which is written on the card obverse;

  • Specify CVC / CVV number - three digits written on the card reverse, on the signature strip. 



Click the button “Pay”.

After payment the electronic cheque confirming the payment and containing its unique ID is sent to the payer e-mail.

If difficulties arise in the course of paying by bank card, please contact the managers of the processing center PayOnline by phone 8-800-7000-729 (toll-free in Russia) or email support in

PayOnline support service works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Payment status can also be tracked by oneself using the PayOnline service “Search of payments” -

Please note that the refund is carried out only back to the card by which the payment has been effected.