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WEB-Portal Mozaik

Mosaik user web-portal offers a full range of administrative information, possibilities to optimize the costs and traffic monitoring, as well as inbuilt tools for managing BGAN, FleetBroadband, FleetOne, SwiftBroadband services, Inmarsat satellite phones and Iridium services.

Basic Functions of Mosaik User WEB-Portal

  • user’s personal account
  • possibility to activate and deactivate SIM-cards
  • possibility of SIM-cards temporary suspension
  • possibility to change the voice mail settings and adjust the firewall functions
  • possibility to observe the ‘hot’ traffic for all SIM-cards
  • invoices and calls details in electronic form (user can download invoice in the beginning of each month from the Mosaik portal or get it automatically via e-mail in PDF, D91 or CSV)
  • traffic flow statistics
  • setting the rules of using the Internet for SIM-cards 

The portal is available at
For login / password please contact the Morsviazsputnik helpdesk team at